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* Clean up go.modFelix Hanley2020-02-192-20/+25
* Fix time buckets to truncate and time query params to roundFelix Hanley2020-02-192-3/+3
* Update templates to nest correctlyFelix Hanley2020-02-1918-120/+191
* Ignore test databaseFelix Hanley2020-02-181-0/+1
* Add readmeFelix Hanley2020-02-181-0/+3
* Add basic HTML bar chartFelix Hanley2020-02-1811-32/+136
* Add time buckets minmaxFelix Hanley2020-02-181-0/+30
* Fixes for hit filteringFelix Hanley2020-02-185-48/+68
* Make improvements to time bucketsFelix Hanley2020-02-184-57/+232
* Collect site ID and present page summaryFelix Hanley2020-02-1611-16/+120
* Fix query extraction, page structures and time range updatesFelix Hanley2020-02-1510-28/+133
* Site index with sparklinesFelix Hanley2020-02-149-10/+86
* Domain -> SiteFelix Hanley2020-02-1410-63/+63
* Fix template loading orderFelix Hanley2020-02-1414-65/+117
* Add user agent indexed by sha1Felix Hanley2020-02-147-23/+77
* Template processingFelix Hanley2020-02-136-14/+25
* Shut yarn upFelix Hanley2020-02-131-2/+2
* Add template generatorFelix Hanley2020-02-134-1/+41
* Add template loader and chartsFelix Hanley2020-02-1310-138/+371
* Manually build time buckets for hitsFelix Hanley2020-02-127-190/+258
* SVG chart POCFelix Hanley2020-02-128-29/+220
* Add store abstractionFelix Hanley2020-02-1113-139/+173
* Migrate using database/sqlFelix Hanley2020-02-115-20/+77
* Capture current staging stateFelix Hanley2020-02-0923-384/+721
* Server handlers beginFelix Hanley2019-01-016-56/+88
* Embed snippet codeFelix Hanley2018-12-213-18/+27
* Basic page view collectionFelix Hanley2018-12-1714-0/+532